What I Offer


In this video, I run through what I offer to help those interested in developing and unfolding their mediumship. I talk about the products, study programme and courses that I offer under my Course in Mediumship Brand.  I also discuss the free teachings I make available.

Free Teachings

It is part of my work to make high quality teachings freely available to all those developing mediumship.  To this end, I offer a number of free teaching videos and articles.  Click on the links below to access them:

Products to Buy

I have 2 meditations and a series of 24 teaching videos for sale.   Scroll down to view the video titles and click on the links below for more details of my products:

Study Programme and Courses

I offer a comprehensive home study programme with optional certification.  Scroll down to view the Study Programme modules.  I also offer a number of courses to complement the teaching videos and study programme.  Click on the links below for more details:



I have developed 24 teaching videos which make up the “Course in Medumship” video series and form the basis of my study programme.  The videos are designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship and are unique in their content.  The videos are available as digital video downloads.  The video downloads cost £13 each.  The titles of the available videos are shown in the table below:


I offer a comprehensive home study programme available as 4 modules. It is based on 20 of the above videos but goes into more depth on each topic by adding tutorials. The study programme is designed for students to work through the theoretical foundations of mediumship in a structured way in their own time and at their own pace.  Each Module costs £120 for 10 classes delivered as downloads.  The Modules and their classes comprise:

Here is a chart which shows the products I recommend for developing the different aspects and areas of mediumship: