What Can We Learn From the Great Mediums?

This is a 15 minute clip from a class I ran titled “What can we learn from the great mediums?”  This was the final class of my “Great Mediums of the Past” course.  The course looked at the lives and work of the 5 great mediums who most inspire me.  They are: Gordon Higginson, Estelle Roberts, Helen Hughes, Maurice Barbanell and Harry Edwards.

In this final class on what we can learn from them, I talk about the qualities they all possessed that helped make them such great mediums. In this excerpt, I discuss their qualities of sacrifice, humility, their love and passion for their work, and their quiet confidence.

The 6 classes from the “Great Mediums of the Past” course were recorded and are available to purchase from the following link:


I do hope you enjoy this video and please feel free to share.


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