The Purpose of Mediumship


The following words were received from my guides whilst I was in Trance and I hope that you find them helpful:

“You must understand that mediumship is a precious gift.  It is a rare gift.  So few people choose to develop it.  It is present within all, to a degree.  But as in all gifts or abilities, not every person will be able to develop it to a high standard.  But like anything, it will take time, effort, devotion, dedication and right motivation.

It is so easy to speak of spirit communication, of mediumship, and pretend it is something normal.  We are not saying that it is abnormal, for it is supernormal.  It goes beyond the normality of this Earth.  It brings together two worlds.  It opens the doors to true understanding.  It awakens the soul within.  It re-ignites the light of the soul and it is a beautiful thing, my friends.
Never lose sight of the true sacred nature of spirit communication. Spirit communication is an act of God.  What we mean by that is that it serves a higher purpose.

Spirit communication is designed to do more than just heal grief.  It is designed to do more than let people know that their loved ones have arrived safely.  It is not just a means to say, “I got there safely, thank you.  I am OK.  My condition is no more.”  We seek not to make light of that, because that is important.  But it is only one small aspect.  Whilst spirit communication will help with healing; will help with grief; will help with loss; that is not its greater purpose.

Spirit communication takes place because it is the will of God.  It takes place because you are all spirit.  It takes place because, even though you may be clothed in an earthly body, there is a desire for you to know that you are so much more.  There is a desire for you to know that you are not limited in the ways you perceive.  There is a desire for you to know that you are powerful beyond measure.  There is a desire for you to know that you cannot die; that you are immortal.  There is a desire for you to know that you are a part of God, and God is a part of you.  You are spirit.

So spirit communication is designed to awaken; it is designed to open minds; it is designed to touch souls; it is designed to expand awareness and horizons.

It is based upon love.  There is a love that each person should be able to fulfil their greatest potential.  But of course, the love you have shared with those who have been a part of your lives: will always exist; will always bring back those who care about you.

So when we look at something so special, something so powerful, something that is truly Divine, remember never to try to place a price upon it.  It is beyond your earthly pricing. It is truly priceless.”

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