Online Course: The Confident Medium

Here are the details of my latest online course called The Confident Medium.  The course comprises 4 classes and costs a very reasonable £65.

Many students of Mediumship say that they want more trust and confidence and this course addresses this topic. Using my knowledge as a trained hypnotherapist, this course is designed to aid you in building and strengthening your confidence with your mediumship.

The course looks at what confidence is, how we can develop it and how to stand in our power.  It also looks at facing our fears, coping with setbacks, letting go of that which does not support us, and harnessing the power of our minds to help us with our mediumship. Exercises are provided to work with the material in each class.

Please note that although this course has already taken place, the classes recordings are available for sale.  Click on the link below to purchase:

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