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In the future, I believe that all mediums will be expected to demonstrate their competency through appropriate training, qualifications and awards.  With this in mind, I am happy to offer optional certification for the Study Programme.  It is available to those who have purchased Modules 1 to 3 of the study programme.  A Certificate of Completion will be issued by my own teaching school, the UK Academy of Mediumship (UKAM).

To gain the certificate, you will need to purchase Modules 1 to 3, keep class notes to demonstrate that you have watched the videos and tutorials, and submit them for review when you apply for the certificate.


Certification costs an additional £45 and this covers the review of the class notes plus the issue of an electronic certificate which will be e-mailed to you.  A physical certificate is available for an additional £10 plus shipping.


 To achieve certification, you will be expected to:

  • purchase Modules 1 to 3
  • keep class notes for the 15 core videos
  • keep class notes for the tutorials
  • submit your class notes in electronic form when applying for certification
  • pay the certification fee

Class Notes

The class notes use a number of questions designed for reflective learning.  They should document for each class:

  • the date and title of the class
  • the key learning points you gained from the class
  • how that learning can be applied in your own mediumship and development

The class notes will need to be submitted at the end of the programme either as an electronic word document or PDF.  

A detailed guidance note on certification and class notes template forms will be sent at the time of purchase