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In overview, the Course in Mediumship Study Programme is a comprehensive home study programme based on 20 of my teaching videos.  It is designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship and how to develop it to a high standard.  It is aimed at all levels from beginner to more advanced.

The programme offers you the opportunity to gain a detailed understanding of mediumship from a highly experienced tutor at an affordable cost, no matter where in the world you live.   It is designed for you to work through the content in a structured way in your own time and at your own pace to fit around your other life commitments.  The modular format also allows you to spread out the cost.


The programme is offered as 4 modules, and each module comprises 10 videos consisting of 5 core videos and 5 associated tutorials.  The tutorials explore the information in the core videos in more depth.  Each tutorial typically answers 20 to 30 questions relating to the core video and give suggestions and exercises to work with the material.

The 4 Modules and the classes in each are as follows:


Each Module costs £140 for the supply of the 10 classes as video downloads.   You can purchase Modules 1 to 3 together at a discounted price of £340 (saving £20).  If you have already purchased some of the videos used in the Modules, then discounts are available for the videos already purchased.

The Study Programme is delivered as video downloads. The downloads are yours to keep so you will always have access to them.

There is also a closed Facebook group for purchasers for support.

Optional Certification

Certification is available as an option if you have purchased Modules 1 to 3 of the programme.  To gain the certificate, you will need to maintain and submit class notes to demonstrate that you have watched the classes in each module.   See below for further details on certification.

Feedback on the Study Programme has been very positive and can be viewed below


The study programme comprises 4 modules as follows:

  • Module 1 – Foundations of Mediumship
  • Module 2 – Mechanics of Mediumship
  • Module 3 – Working With Mediumship
  • Special Module on Healing Inspiration and Trance.

Modules 1 to 3 are progressive and each one builds upon the knowledge from the previous modules.  It is therefore recommended to buy Modules 1 to 3 in order.  The Special Module is a stand-alone module.

Each module costs £140 and this is for the supply of the 10 classes as video downloads.   The modules can be purchased individually to spread the cost of the programme to suit your circumstances.  Also, Modules 1 to 3 can be purchased together at a discounted price of £340.  Click on the Buy Modules link to purchase.

The modules and the classes included in each are shown in the table below:

When purchasing a module, you will receive:

  • 5 core videos from the ‘Course in Mediumship’ video series
  • 5 associated tutorials which explore the information in each core video in more depth
  • Access to the closed Facebook group

The 10 classes are provided as video downloads for you to watch in your own time.

Feedback on the study programme has been very positive and can be viewed below.

Elements of the Modules

The programme has been built around two main elements comprising core videos and accompanying tutorial classes.

Core Videos

The core videos are the same teaching  videos that I sell individually.  They were filmed in a live classroom environment and typically run for about 2 hours each. They are designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship and development.  The detailed contents of each video and customer feedback on them can be viewed here.  Previews of some of the videos are available here

If you have already purchased some of the core videos used in a module, then you will be entitled to a discount.  Contact me to let me know which modules you wish to buy and which videos you have already purchased and I will confirm your discount.


Each tutorial relates to a core video and is designed to explore the content of the video in more detail.  The tutorials are video recordings of online classes and each typically lasts about 2 hours.  The tutorials:

  • Reinforce the key teaching points of each video
  • Answer about 20 to 30 questions relating to the core the video content
  • Look at how the teachings can be practically applied
  • Provide supporting exercises (where appropriate)

It is therefore recommended that you watch each core video ahead of the associated tutorial.


Each module costs £140 for all classes provided as downloads, and this cost includes:

  • 5 core videos provided as video downloads
  • 5 associated tutorials provided as video and audio downloads
  • Access to the closed Facebook Group

Modules 1 to 3 can be purchased together for £340 saving £20.

Click here to purchase Modules

Discounts for Purchasers of My Videos

If you have already purchased some of the videos included within this programme (as video downloads or DVDs) then I am happy to offer a discount off the module price for each video within that module already purchased. The discounts are as follows:

  • £15 discount for each class purchased where the class is the latest version
  • £6 discount for each class purchased where the class is not the latest version but a previous version

Please contact me with details of which videos you have purchased and I will be happy to advise the corresponding discount off the modules and also provide a tailored invoice.

Certification Option

A certificate of completion is available for completion of Modules 1 to 3 for an additional £60 and this includes the review of class notes and issue of an electronic certificate.  A physical certificate is also available for an additional £10 plus shipping.  To gain the certificate, programme members will be expected to maintain class notes for each of the core videos and tutorials watched.  For more details on certification, see the section below.

Payment Information

  • All payments are made in UK pounds via Paypal or Stripe Payments
  • Both methods accept both credit and debit cards
  • For overseas customers, Paypal will convert the payment to your local currency

At some stage in the future, I believe that all mediums will be expected to demonstrate their competency through appropriate training, qualifications and awards.  With this in mind, I am happy to offer optional certification for the Study Programme.  A Certificate of Completion will be issued by my own teaching school, the UK Academy of Mediumship (UKAM) .

To gain the certificate, you will need to purchase Modules 1 to 3 of the study programme, keep class notes to demonstrate that you have watched the videos and tutorials, and submit them for review when you apply for the certificate.


Certification costs an additional £60 and this covers the review of the class notes plus the issue of an electronic certificate which will be e-mailed to you.  A physical certificate is available for an additional £10 plus shipping.


 To achieve certification, you will be expected to:

  • purchase Modules 1 to 3
  • keep class notes for the 15 core videos
  • keep class notes for the tutorials
  • submit your class notes in electronic form when applying for certification
  • pay the certification fee

Class Notes

The format for class notes uses a number of questions designed for reflective learning.  For each class, your class notes should comprise:

  • the date and title of the class
  • the key learning points you gained from the class
  • how that learning can be applied in your own mediumship and development

The class notes should be submitted at the end of the programme either as an electronic word document or PDF. 

A detailed guidance note on certification and the class notes template forms will be emailed shortly after purchase.

Technical Requirements

Each module comprises 10 video downloads  delivered as mp4 files.  The mp4 file format is the standard for video so can be played on practically all PCs, Macs, tablets and phones without problem.   If you do encounter any issues, I recommend using the VLC media player available for free for PC / Mac / Android / iOS devices. 

Exercises are also provided for some classes and these are delivered as a PDF document.  You will need a PDF viewing app or software (such as Adobe Reader which is free) to view the PDF.

You can instantly download the video files and PDF exercises once payment is processed.   Your order confirmation e-mail will also have links to download them at your convenience.   The downloads do not expire and are yours to keep, so you will always have access to them.

Each video is between 500 to 1000MB in size so they may take some time to download.   A good internet connection is therefore recommended.

It is recommended to download the files to the hard drive of a PC or Mac.  You can also download them to most modern phones or tablets if you have sufficient storage space on the device.  Alternatively you can download the files to a cloud storage account with sufficient storage space such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive etc.

When you click on the download links, the file will be downloaded to your default downloads location.  To change where the files are downloaded to, you can right click on the link on a PC/Mac or press and hold the link on a mobile device for more options.  

On Apple devices running older operating systems (such as older iPads or iPhones), you may not be able to download the files but will need to download to a PC or Mac and transfer to your device via iTunes.

A Facebook account is needed for access to the closed Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have listed below some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the study programme. Click on the + buttons to see the answers.

How Do I Know That the Course Content is of Good Quality?

I only seek to offer high quality teachings and feedback to date has been very positive.  See my customer feedback to read what other purchasers have said about the Study Programme.  Previews are also available of some of the videos used in the study programme and can be viewed at this page.

Does Your Course Offer Mediumship Practice?

No sorry.  The study programme is designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship for purchasers to incorporate into their own practice but does not include any practice sessions.  I recommend that all purchasers seek out their own practice opportunities to put the course teachings into practice.  Purchasers can use the closed Facebook group to network with others and find practice opportunities.

Will Doing Your Course Make Me a Medium?

No sorry.  No single course can make anyone a medium as mediumship takes many years to develop.  The course will give your the theoretical foundations of mediumship which should help improve your mediumship when put into practice.

Is it Safe to Buy From This Website?

Absolutely.  The website is HTTPS secured using SSL encryption.   This means that all personal data entered is fully encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption.  You should see https:// at the start of the website address and a small padlock to confirm it is safe and encrypted.

What Do I Need to Be Able to Download the Classes?

You will need a PC, Mac, tablet or phone that allows downloads.  You will need sufficient storage space on your device and a good internet connection as file sizes are large (500 to 1000MB per class).  Alternatively, you can download the files to a cloud storage account such Dropbox, iCloud, Google Cloud etc.  With some Apple devices (such as iPads and iPhones) running older operating systems, the video classes cannot be downloaded.  To  watch the videos on such Apple devices, you will need to first download them to a PC or Mac and transfer them via iTunes.

How Can I Find Out About New Products or Classes?

You can sign up to my mailing list to receive updates about my products, classes and offers.  There is a mailing list sign up form at the bottom of the website.

Is There a Deadline to Apply for Certification?

No not at all.  Certification will always be offered so you can take as long as you need to work through the course material.  That said, the certification fee may increase if you leave it a very long time.

Will I Always Have Access to the Classes?

Absolutely.  You will be given a download link to download the classes to your computer.  Once downloaded, they are yours to keep forever.  Should you ever have a problem such as a hard drive failure, you will always be able to download them again from the links.  Should the link no longer work, then contact me and I will re-send you functioning links.

When Can I Apply for Certification?

You should apply only when you have completed Class Notes for all videos in Modules 1 to 3 as these must be submitted when applying.  You can submit examples of your Class Notes earlier if you wish to check that they meet the required standard.

What is Needed for Certification?

You will need to purchase Modules 1 to 3, keep class notes to demonstrate that you have watched all of the videos and tutorials, and submit them for review when you apply for certification.  You will also need to pay the certification fee when applying for certification.

Are the Module Classes Available as Instant Downloads

Yes.  The classes that make up each module are available to download at the time of purchase.  You will also be e-mailed a link to download them later at your convenience.  Bear in mind that there are 10 video classes per module and each video is 500MB to 1GB in size, so it may take some time to download them all.

Do I Need to Purchase the Modules in a Specific Order?

Modules 1 to 3 are progressive and each one builds upon the knowledge from the previous modules.  It is therefore recommended to buy Modules 1 to 3 in order.  The Special Module is a stand-alone module so can be purchased at any time.

What Were Your Aims in Developing the Study Programme?

My main aim is to provide high quality teachings about mediumship to the widest possible audience with as few barriers to access as possible.   I wish to share all of the knowledge I have accumulated about mediumship over the past 18 years, and offer it in a logical, structured, affordable and flexible programme.  To learn more about what makes me tick, see the About Me page.


Is There a Time Limit for Completing the Programme?

Not at all. Since the Study Programme is designed to be flexible and fit around your life, you can take as long as you need.  Some people have completed the programme in a month, whereas others spread it over a couple of years.   Certification will always be open to you no matter how long you take.

What is the Purpose of the Study Programme?

I believe a solid grounding in the theory of mediumship is vital to its development.  This Study Programme is designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship in a logical, structured and comprehensive way.  In particular, the Programme teaches what mediumship is, how it functions, and how you can develop it to a high standard.  I personally know of no other mediumship teaching programme that is as comprehensive  or offers such detailed and methodical guidance.

Why a Modular Home Study Programme?

My aim with the study programme is to provide high quality teachings to the widest possible audience without the barriers of time, location or high cost preventing access.  By offering it as a series of modules at an affordable price, you can better spread the costs.  Also since each module comprises video downloads, you can watch them in the comfort of your own home at your own pace and fit them around your existing work and home commitments.

How Was the Study Programme Created?

The programme has grown from my series of ‘Course in Mediumship’ videos which themselves provide the theoretical basis of mediumship.  However, many people have asked for a more structured programme to work through the video content, better understand the teachings, and give guidance on how the teachings can be put into practice.  This programme is the result.

Are the Study Programme Modules Available on DVD?

No, the study programme is designed to be delivered solely as video downloads.

I Already Have Some of Your Videos – Can I Get a Discount?

Yes there are discounts available if you have already purchased some of the videos as video downloads or DVDs.  For each video from a module already purchased, the discounts are £15 where the class is the latest version, and £6 where the class is a previous version.  Contact me to let me know what you have purchased, and I will confirm your discounts.

Are There Any Discounts for Purchasing Several Modules at the Same Time?

Yes, Modules 1 to 3 can be purchased at a discounted price with a saving of £30 compared to buying them separately.  This effectively reduces the price of each module by £10 each.   To get the discount, be sure to buy Modules 1 to 3 as a single item with the included discount rather than buying the Modules separately.

Can I Buy Individual Classes and Tutorials from the Study Programme?

The core videos used in the modules of the Study Programme can be purchased individually as video downloads.  However, the tutorials are not available to buy individually.  You will need to buy the relevant Module to have access to the tutorials from that Module.

I don’t have a PC/Mac or good internet connection. Should I buy the Study Programme?

You will need a PC, Mac or mobile device with sufficient storage space and a good internet connection to download and watch the classes from the Study Programme.  Each class is typically 800MB to 1GB in size and there are 10 classes per module.   If you don’t have a PC/Mac and are limited for space, then I recommend my Pre-Recorded Courses which can also be streamed in varying qualities so are better suited to lower internet speeds.

Should I Buy the Videos or the Study Programme?

The decision is yours and will depend on the topics you want to learn about and whether you want as much detail as possible, in which case the Study Programme is better. Also if you want certification, you will need to purchase the Study Programme.

How Does the Study Programme Differ From Your Videos?

The Study Programme is based on my videos but adds a corresponding tutorial for each video.  Each tutorial goes deeper into the video material by answering questions about it (typically 30 per tutorial) and gives suggestions for exercises.   The study programme also offers a closed Facebook group and optional certification.

How Much More Material Does the Study Programme Offer?

If you were to buy the 5 core videos used in a module, then you would have about 70% of the information. The additional 5 tutorials go into more depth so add about 30% more information.


The following is a selection of feedback about the Course in Mediumship Study Programme received from purchasers:

I’ve spent well over a decade scouring the internet and have done many courses.  I have to say your mediumship program is by far the best available.  There is nothing that comes even close.  You cover so many topics relating to mediumship and it is very comprehensive.  With over 90 hours of instruction including follow-up tutorials for each class, I’ve learned more from this program than any other program I’ve done or book I’ve read.  I am such a better medium now and I have stronger and longer links.  I highly recommend it!  Kevin, Newfoundland, Canada

This course really helped me to further develop my understanding of and growth in mediumship.  The download format was very beneficial and allowed me to work through the material at my own pace and schedule.  I very much appreciate Martin’s “down to earth” style of lecturing without giving the subject an esoteric flavour.  The content of the course is very well structured and presented in a logical sequence.  Each topic is thoroughly researched, clearly explained and based on a wealth of personal experience.  This course provides you with a solid and unique foundation in mediumship, that I haven’t seen in any other comparable way before.  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone as an ideal complement to development circles, workshops and seminars.  Silvia, Zurich, Switzerland

The Course in Mediumship study programme is truly one of my favourite courses to date.  It is valuable for all those at different stages of development, as the quality of the theoretical information on mediumship  goes way beyond anything I have ever come across.  I highly recommend all the videos and the study programme itself if you are looking for honest, good quality teaching by an approved tutor without the barriers of location or travel expenditure.  I am grateful for all of the supporting tutorials which are included in this programme as they are well designed to pool together questions raised on each topic and are an invaluable resource as well.   Francesca, Quebec, Canada

After wasting time and money on yet another useless class, a friend recommended Martin’s Course in Mediumship Study Program.  I was hesitant to sign up but was pleasantly surprised.  Martin is a skilled instructor and provides the fundamentals of mediumship in an organized, comprehensive manner for students in all stages of development.  The format allows me the flexibility to study at my leisure, which is great with my busy full time job and family demands.  Michele, California, USA

I am truly enjoying the Special Module on Trance Mediumship, Healing, Spirit Guides & Helpers, etc. It is full of information which is concise, explained clearly and completely, and the follow-up tutorials could not be more informative and thorough.  You are a wonderful, gifted teacher.  Thank you for making it available in this format so that it can be shared with so many of us that do not have easy access to live courses.  Maria, Florida, USA

I am enjoying your study programme.  It is extremely good and comprehensive, and is by far the best mediumship course that I have come across so far.  It gives a very thorough understanding of what mediumship is and the mechanics involved.  Thank you for a great course. Jan, Troms, Norway

I have done the course, and yes it is the best mediumship program available.   Every one should take this course even if they think they know it all.  I am very analytical and Martin explains it all so clearly. Irene, British Columbia, Canada

I would like to thank you for creating such an interesting and comprehensive course for left-brained people such as myself (as I have a degree in engineering and I teach mathematics).   Quality material on mediumship is difficult to come by and I really do appreciate the amount of work you put into creating this course.  Laureen, Arizona, USA

I highly recommend Martin’s Course.  I’m slowly working my way through it and it is the best.  I need to know how things work and the mechanics of everything, so it has helped me immensely.  Chloe, Alaska, USA

I’m from a small town in Canada where mediumship isn’t well accepted and I had no one to talk to about it.  Your course was truly life changing.  I have learnt so much and have a hard time putting into words how this course have changed my life.  I have pushed myself way outside my comfort zone and have self-confidence that I have never had before, and for this I thank you and will forever be grateful. Shelley, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your course. You are very funny and it’s so helpful to watch your presentations with the diagrams.  You are answering many of my questions. Thank you.  Grace, Hampshire, UK

I totally enjoyed the depth of the study programme and I use the information almost every day.  I love your straightforward manner as well.  No fluff.  Cheers. Denise, Sydney, Australia

I’ve done this course and I highly recommend it.   Martin is a fantastic teacher!  Wendy, Glasgow, UK

The Course in Mediumship program is comprehensive and suitable for all levels of mediumship from beginner to advanced. Josie, British Columbia, Canada

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