Module 2


Module 2 – Mechanics of Mediumship

This is the second module of the Course in Mediumship Study Programme which covers the mechanics of mediumship.  It comprises 5 core videos and 5 associated tutorials provided as downloads.  Purchasers will also be invited to a closed Facebook Group for support.

This module looks in detail at the mechanics of mediumship, the role of the mind in mediumship, the importance of evidence,  how to structure a contact and how to find your recipient when working in a group or platform/gallery setting.

It is strongly recommended that Module 1 be purchased and watched prior to this module as much of it relies on the previous teachings.

Each module of the study programme is based on 5 of my teaching videos and adds 5 tutorials related to each core video.  The tutorials review the key teachings of each video, answer multiple questions in relation to the video content (typically 20 to 30) and provide exercises to work with the content (where appropriate).   Detailed information on the study programme is available at here

This module comprises the following 10 classes:

5 Core videos (from my Teaching Videos series)
Mediumship Class 4 – Mechanics of Mediumship
Mediumship Class 5 – Structure of a Contact
Mediumship Class 6 – Evidence
Mediumship and the Mind – Special Topic 5
Mediumship Class 7 – Finding Your Recipient

5 Associated Tutorials
– Mediumship Class 4 Tutorial
– Mediumship Class 5 Tutorial
– Mediumship Class 6 Tutorial
– Mediumship and the Mind Tutorial
– Mediumship Class 7 Tutorial

Each class typically lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours and this module comprises 21.5 hours of teaching.

Please note that these are recordings of in-person and online classes which have already taken place.

Download Instructions

You can instantly download the 10 videos plus the exercises PDF once payment is processed.  Your order confirmation e-mail will also have links to download them at your convenience.  You will also receive emails (typically within 2-3 days) with a link to the closed Facebook group and information on certification.

Note that each video download is between 500MB to 1GB in size so they may take some time to download.

It is recommended to download the files to a PC or Mac.  You can also download them to phones or tablets if you have sufficient storage space.  Alternatively you can download to a cloud storage account with sufficient storage space such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive etc.

When you click on the download links, the file will be downloaded to your default downloads location.  To change where the files are downloaded to, you can right click on the link on a PC/Mac or press and hold the link on a mobile device for more options.  On Apple devices running older operating systems, you may not be able to download the files but will need to download to a PC or Mac and transfer to your device via iTunes.

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