Mediumship Class 9 – Ethics & Responsibilities of Mediumship Video


Mediumship Class 9 – Ethics & Responsibilities of Mediumship – Video Download

This video explores the responsibilities of being a medium, qualities of a good medium, the legislation in the UK, how to comply with legislation and good practice plus explores examples of poor mediumship.  The contents include:

Quality & Attributes of Mediums – Motivation for Mediumship – Responsibilities of Mediums – Who We Serve – Mediums Who Blame Others – The Power of Mediums and Mediumship – How It Can Help and Harm – Poor Mediumship – Risks Facing Mediums – Managing the Risks – Historic and Current UK Legislation – Complying with Legislation – Reducing the Risk of Claims – Example Scenarios – Q&A

Video running time: 2 hrs 33 mins

Note: this video was recorded during a live class and includes audience interaction.

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