Better Private Readings Course


You are purchasing video downloads of 4 pre-recorded classes which make up the Better Private Readings Course.

Would you like to be able to do better private readings? Whether you are in development doing practice readings, or whether you are a working medium, this course is designed to help you do better readings.

This course is a deep dive into private readings and explores all aspects of readings in detail across a series of 4 classes. It drills deeper into readings than any of my previous teachings. The course covers:

  • The different types of private reading
  • The dynamics of private readings
  • Online vs in-person readings
  • How to do private readings
  • How to do spiritual assessments
  • How to do practice readings and exchange readings
  • The practicalities of private readings
  • Best practices for private readings
  • Managing the process from enquiry to testimonial
  • Coping with challenges
  • Managing difficult sitters
  • When to start charging for readings
  • Marketing and advertising your readings
  • The ethics of private readings
  • Protecting yourself when doing readings

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Introduction to Sittings
Class 2 – How to do Sittings
Class 3 – Challenges During Sittings
Class 4 – Doing Sittings Professionally

Each class runs for over 2 hours and comprises a presentation followed by questions and answers.

Note: These classes have already taken place and these are video recordings of the original live classes.

Download Instructions

You can instantly download the 4 class videos once payment is processed.  Your order confirmation e-mail will also have links to download them at your convenience.  You will also receive an email (typically within 24 hours) with links to watch the videos via streaming.  This is better suited for those with limited space for downloads.

Note that each video download is between 600MB to 1GB in size so they may take some time to download.

It is recommended to download the files to a PC or Mac.  You can also download them to phones or tablets if you have sufficient storage space.  Alternatively you can download to a cloud storage account with sufficient storage space such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive etc.

When you click on the download links, the file will be downloaded to your default downloads location.  To change where the files are downloaded to, you can right click on the link on a PC/Mac or press and hold the link on a mobile device for more options.  On Apple devices running older operating systems, you may not be able to download the files but will need to download to a PC or Mac and transfer to your device via iTunes.

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