Reviewing Your Development

We are so used to reviewing and planning many areas of our life, yet very few people make a plan for the development of their mediumship and the unfoldment of their spiritual gifts.  Often we leave it to chance and do not give it the importance it deserves.  

Within business, it is often said that “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail” and this can also apply to our development.  For many of us, the development of our mediumship and spiritual gifts can be one of our most important goals, yet we often fail to make it a priority or plan the necessary actions for us to develop to our fullest potential.

At the end of every year, it is highly beneficial to undertake an annual review of our development and plan the year ahead.  An annual review allows us to:

  • recognise how far we have come to date
  • highlight and celebrate our achievements in the last year
  • recognise the challenges that we have faced
  • understand both our strengths and our weaknesses
  • identify areas for improvement and further progress

Using this information, we can then plan the year ahead to ensure we make progress with our development.  In particular. we can:

  • set realistic aims and goals for what we would like to achieve
  • identify what opportunities we have for development to achieve our goals
  • understand what can get in the way of us achieving our aims (threats to improvement)
  • create an action plan for what we are going to commit to doing in the next year

I recommend that all developing mediums review their progress at least once per year no matter what level they have achieved and I always undertake this annual review myself.  I have developed a set of forms to help you to do this annual review of your development.  You can download the main forms for free (as PDF files) by clicking on the button below: 


 The forms comprise the following:

  • Review of Development in the Past Year
  • Wheel of Development Exercise
  • Wheel of Mediumship Exercise
  • List of Aspects of Development and Aspects of Mediumship (for use with the Wheel exercises)
  • Mediumship SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Action Plan for the Year Ahead

Most of the forms are self-explanatory and there are basic instructions included for completion of the Wheel of Development and the Wheel of Mediumship exercise.

 I know that this regular review process can make a significantly enhance your development as it has with mine.  I offer it here for free in the hope that you also can get the benefit from it.  If you find it helpful, do let your friends know about it so that they too can get the benefits.

Further Information and Guidance: Tools for Development Video

If you would like to explore the review process in more detail, and better understand how to use the forms, you can purchase my Tools for Development video.  This video looks in detail at two valuable practices to get the most from your development, namely this reviewing your development process and also keeping a development journal.

The video includes an enhanced set of annual review forms (supplied as a PDF files) with more detailed guidance and questions to help you complete the review.  It also includes multiple questions for journaling and identifying what matters most in your development (again supplied as PDF files).

It also includes an audio download titled Questions for Development which is designed to complement the video and allow you to work with the journaling questions in several different ways.  Click on the links below for more information and to purchase:

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