I currently offer the following two meditations.  Both are available as mp3 downloads for £13 and CDs for £16 plus shipping.

Sitting in the Power

This audio details the practice of sitting in the power which is also known as sitting for spirit.  It is designed to aid the unfoldment of your mediumistic and psychic gifts and is highly recommended for all those interested in developing quality mediumship.  When practised regularly, it can enable significant progress to be made with development.  It comprises a 2-part guided meditation. The first part involves sitting in the power of your soul and the second part involves sitting in the power of spirit.   Running time: 41 mins minute

A Rainbow Journey

Understanding the meanings associated with colours can be a valuable tool in psychic and mediumistic development. This audio is designed for you to explore your own meanings for a variety of colours. It contains an introduction together with two guided meditations to allow you to explore your own meanings for 13 different colours.   Seven primary colours are explored in the first meditation and these comprise red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.  Six additional colours are explored in the second meditation and comprise black, brown, grey, pink, silver and gold.  Running time: 69 mins

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The following is a selection of feedback on my meditations received from purchasers:

Sitting in the Power

I bought your Sitting in the Power CD. It is wonderfully soothing and gentle and I felt my aura expanding out until I felt I was encompassing all my surroundings and beyond.  I was then able to sit just as pure consciousness blending with pure spirit. I cannot recommend this CD enough.  It leaves you with a wonderful feeling of peace and contentedness. Thank you Martin and I eagerly await your next CD.  Cathy, Rochester, UK

I received your Sitting in the Power CD yesterday morning and it is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for making this CD and passing on techniques used by the late great Gordon Higginson. Your voice is absolutely perfect and a pleasure to listen to. Once again, a big thank you. Kim, St Ives, UK

I have really enjoyed your version of Sitting in the Power. I had been using similar CDs by other tutors with some success, however you do it a different way.  What has helped me using yours is that period of silence where the only distractions are the ones I create for myself.  Now I find using your technique is starting to come automatically.  Many thanks. Charlie, Vancouver, Canada

I would just like to say your Sitting in the Power CD is wonderful. I am a medium and I must say it is one of the best I have ever heard. Thank you so much. Christine, Birmingham, UK

I downloaded your Sitting in the Power mp3 without problem.  I’ve only listened once, but it’s exactly what I need as its immediately helped me recognise things and keep my focus.  Thank you, I’m so glad I bought it! Mandy, Leeds, UK

I bought your Sitting in the Power CD after watching your videos on You Tube.  I found the CD very helpful. I love the way you work and find the way you put everything across very interesting. Mary, Ayrshire, UK

I bought the sitting in the power meditation download and now have it on both my phone and ipod, for when I’m not at home and wish to sit in the power.  It is easy to follow and Martin’s skills of hypnotherapy shine through with his tonality creating a space of peace and assurance.   Del, Isleworth, UK

The CD is great learning material for mediumship. Caitriona, Dublin, Ireland

Powerful meditation for mediumship. Does what it says! Thank You. Kevin, Bingley, UK

Fantastic CD.  Brilliant for my mediumship. Maria, UK

Fantastic, the best mediumship CD I have bought. Jackie, West Yorkshire, UK

Wonderful CD, loved doing the meditation! Joanne, Norwich, UK

Martin has a very soothing voice for this work!  Great CD. Tracey, Canada

Wonderful CD! Lovely, relaxing voice. Beautiful experience. Azita, Texas, USA

Amazing. Love the CD. Thank you. William, Wrexham, UK

Fabulous great CD. Thank you. Jane, Australia

Wonderful meditation CD. Paul, Lancashire, UK

A Rainbow Journey

Love the CD. Really makes you rethink colours information for psychic work. Caitriona, Dublin, Ireland

Excellent meditation on colours for development.  Thank You. Kevin, Bingley, UK

Wonderful meditations on colours.  Highly recommend! Lynn, Canada

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