What I Offer

I offer series of pre-recorded courses, a comprehensive home study programme, and a series of 24 teaching videos all designed to teach the theory of mediumship. I also offer several audio meditations to support these products.  All of my products can be purchased from my store and feedback on them has been very positive. In the video below, I run through what I offer:

Recommended Products

Here is a chart which shows the products I recommend for developing the different aspects and areas of mediumship:

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Overview of Products


I offer 2 meditations to help with development. They comprise Sitting in the Power and A Rainbow Journey and more information on them is available here.


I offer a series of 8 pre-recorded courses which explore many aspects of mediumship and development in depth.  Together they build into a comprehensive overview on the theory of mediumship. The courses drill deeper into the aspects of mediumship than my other teachings (except for the Fundamentals of Mediumship which is similar). The courses are therefore the best starting point for those new to my teachings.

Each course typically comprises 4 classes.   Each class runs for over 2 hours and follows the format of a presentation followed by student questions.  The courses cost £80 each are available as both video downloads and videos which can be streamed.  This makes them most suitable for those who have limited storage space or don’t wish to download large files. The available courses are:

Meditation & Sitting For Spirit – 4 classes and 4 meditations
Fundamentals of Mediumship – 4 classes
Getting Better Evidence – 4 classes
Better Private Readings – 4 classes
Better Platform Mediumship – 4 classes
The Confident Medium – 4 classes
Understanding Guides & Helpers – 4 classes
Spiritual Self Development – 4 classes
Great Mediums of the Past – 6 classes

Study Programme

I offer a comprehensive home study programme with optional certification which is available as 4 modules. It is based on 20 of my teaching videos but goes into more depth on each topic by adding tutorials.  It is designed for students to work through in their own time and at their own pace.  Certification is available and requires the submission of class notes. The study programme is best suited to those who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of mediumship in a paced and structured way, as well as those seeking certification.

Each Module costs £140 and comprises 5 core videos and 5 associated tutorials which are delivered as video downloads. The tutorials explore the material from the associated video in more detail, offer suggested exercises and answer about 20-30 questions in relation to the topic. The Modules and their classes comprise:

Teaching Videos

I offer a series 24 teaching videos which are designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship.   They each run for about 2 hours and are available as instant video downloads at a cost of £15 each.  The titles of the available videos are shown in the table below:

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