Latest Course: Better Platform Mediumship

My latest course on mediumship is titled Better Platform Mediumship and comprises 4 classes.  The cost is a very reasonable £65.

Would you like to be able to do better platform mediumship? Whether you are in development, or whether you are a working medium, this course is designed to help you do better platform mediumship.

The Better Platform Mediumship course is a deep dive into platform mediumship and explores all aspects of platform work in detail across a series of 4 classes. It drills deeper into platform mediumship than any of my previous teachings and also covers demonstrating mediumship online. The course covers:

  • The purpose of platform mediumship
  • The dynamics of platform mediumship
  • The practicalities of platform mediumship
  • How platform work can improve your mediumship
  • Attributes of good platform mediums
  • How to do platform mediumship
  • Different styles of working
  • Methods of finding your recipient
  • The pros and cons of each method
  • How to develop direction
  • Platform presentation skills
  • The public presentation of mediumship
  • Presentation styles for different venues
  • Improving your public speaking and presentation
  • The factors affecting platform mediumship, and how to manage them
  • Commonly encountered problems and challenges
  • Managing problems within platform work
  • The responsibilities of platform mediumship
  • Best practices for platform work
  • Poor practices and how to avoid them
  • How to become a platform medium
  • How to get work as a platform medium

The course is suitable for those interested in platform mediumship. Each class lasts about 2.5 hours and comprise a presentation followed by questions and answers.

Purchasers will be sent links to watch and download the classes.

Click on the link below for more details and to purchase:

Better Platform Mediumship Course

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