New Course: The Fundamentals of Mediumship

My latest course is The Fundamentals of Mediumship which comprises 4 classes.  The cost is a very reasonable £65 for the 4 classes.

Are you interested in developing quality mediumship?
Do you want to understand how mediumship works?
Do you want to learn the foundations of mediumship in a structured logical way?

If so, then this is the course for you.
The Fundamentals of Mediumship course looks at:

  • what mediumship is and how to develop it
  • the preparation needed to work as a medium
  • how best to develop mediumship
  • the mechanics of mediumship
  • how to connect and sustain a link with spirit
  • the components of a spirit contact
  • how to deliver good evidence and messages

Each class runs for about 2.5 hours and comprises a presentation followed by a questions and answers.

The course is suitable for all levels though beginners and intermediates will gain most from it.

Purchasers will be sent links to watch and download the classes.

Click on the link below to purchase:

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  1. Hello
    I would like to register but the first class already took place in October. Is that a problem?

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