New Online Course: Meditation and Sitting for Spirit

My latest course is ‘Meditation and Sitting for Spirit’ which comprises 4 classes and 4 meditations.  The cost is a very reasonable £65.

The practice of meditation is a key part of developing mediumship, as well as all work with spirit. It is often neglected, but is essential if we are to unfold our full potential as mediums. This course looks at how different meditative practices benefit our mediumship and spirit work. In particular, it takes a deep dive into the classic meditation practice known as Sitting for Spirit (also called Sitting in the Power) which I believe to be the most beneficial for mediumship. Practical guidance is offered to help you make meditation a regular practice. For those already practising, guidance is offered to enhance and deepen your practice.

The course is suitable for all levels from beginners to the more advanced.  Each class recording comprises a presentation followed by a meditation exercise, rounded off by questions and answers.

Purchasers will be sent links to watch and download the video recording of each class.  In addition, purchasers will also receive the meditations from the classes as audio recordings.

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