How Do Spirit See Us?

Here is a short video titled How do Spirit See Us?  In it, I talk about how our loved ones in the spirit world see us and interact with us and whether they are with us all the time.  I also talk about whether they can see us in the bath or shower!  A transcript of the video is also provided below.  Click here to watch on YouTube and subscribe to my channel.  :


I thought I would do a video today for you all about how does spirit see us. Some people have asked me the questions: Are spirit always with me? Do spirit see everything I do? Do my loved ones see me in the shower, in the bath, on the toilet? So because of all these questions, I thought I’d record a short video for you to explain a little bit about how spirit see us, and to hopefully calm some of those worries and fears.

So to begin with, let’s take a step back. Let’s understand what we are when we become spirit. So that transition that we call death, that point of transition between the two worlds when we leave this world: we recognise we leave behind the physical body. We recognise we leave behind the physical senses: the sense of sight, hearing, touch. The physical senses within this world: we leave them behind.

But we recognise as well that in this world, we’re capable of using our psychic senses, our psychic faculties, which parallel those of the physical. So we are not completely isolated, floating in a void. When we leave this world, as a spirit, as a soul: we are mind, we are consciousness. We continue on as the mind that we have always been within this world. So we’re still a thinking, living consciousness. It’s important to understand that.

So your loved ones are still alive, your loved ones are still close to you. But they’re not with us all the time. That’s important to recognise as well. They have better things to do. They have other things to do than to sit and watch over us at every moment of every day. But when we think of them, they can draw close.

So it’s important we recognise that we don’t have a physical body. What we do have is a mind, a consciousness. And what we are is energy. Life cannot be destroyed, energy cannot be destroyed, it can only transfer from one form to another. So we are energy.

So your loved ones in the spirit world: they are a living mind, a living consciousness. In our dreams, we construct a body, we construct experiences with our body within our dreams, even though the body is inert, asleep. So that shows that the mind is capable of doing that. So we can still function pretty much as we do in this world, in the spirit world, through the mind creating the body, creating the experience. But they are not physical experiences. It’s important to understand that.

So spirit, how are they aware of us? They are aware of our energy; they are aware of our thoughts. When we think of them, they hear our thoughts. They do not hear our voice physically as they don’t have physical ears remember. When we think of them, were sending out a thought of them, and they receive that thought. That’s what draws them close. So whenever you think of your loved ones in the spirit world, they will draw close to you, they will move closer to you.

And if spirit did decide that they would like to check out what’s happening with us in our lives, then they can. But just like you going to visit relatives, you wouldn’t do it all the time, otherwise you would be unwelcome, of course.

So if they decide to draw close to me and check out what I’m doing right now, basically, they won’t see what I’m doing. What they will be aware of is my thoughts. They will be aware of what’s within my energy field. What’s within my energy field is created by my thoughts. They will be aware of my state. Am I emotionally, am I mentally happy? What is my emotional state? What is my mental state? That will all be within my energy field. And my predominant thought patterns will also be reflected within my energy field. So whatever you’re thinking, spirit will pick up upon it.

As mediums, we can work as psychics. And when we work as psychics, we link with the energy of a person in front of us. We are aware of what is uppermost in their minds. We are aware of what they are most focused upon thought-wise. What they are thinking about is there for us to tap into.

It’s the same for your loved ones drawing close to you. They’ll hear your thoughts, but they’ll also see what you’ve been thinking about routinely. So the only time they’ll know you’re in the shower, is if you’re sending out the thoughts “I’m having a shower and I’m enjoying my shower and this is a great shower. If you are listening spirit, this is a great shower!“ Yes, they would be aware you’re in the shower at that point, but they cannot see you. Spirit cannot see us whatever we’re doing. They can be aware of our thoughts, they can be aware of our energy. That’s how they interact with us.

So for those people who are worried that can spirit see us at inopportune moments, the answer is no. No need to worry, no need to have a fear about that at all. For those people who worry “Are those who belong to me from the spirit world with me all the time 24/7?” The answer is no. [They will] only if you invite them to be close to you or they will only pop in now and again.

But whenever we think of our loved ones in spirit, we are transmitting that thought. Remember, mediumship is telepathy, mediumship is mind-to-mind, mediumship is thought transmission received from one spirit to another. And we are spirit here and now remember, so the thoughts we send out are received by our loved ones in spirit. So just as mediumship is that form of telepathy, that’s how the communication takes place with those in the spirit world. So whatever your thoughts are, whatever the thoughts you’re radiating, whatever those thoughts you’re transmitting are: that’s what they hear.

So hopefully this short video will help a few people to understand: how the spirit world interact with us, how the spirit world see us, how the spirit world are aware of us. So thank you for listening and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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  1. Thank you Martin for sharing so freely to all seekers so much of your wisdom and knowledge .
    I also have purchased all of your teaching CDs, they are amazing.
    Sydney Australia

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