Latest Course: Great Mediums of the Past

Are you interested in learning more about some of the great mediums of the past ?   I offer a course on the Great Mediums of the Past comprising 6 classes and the cost is a very reasonable £65.

In the classes, I explore the lives and legacy of the 5 mediums who have most inspired me:

  • Gordon Higginson
  • Estelle Roberts,
  • Helen Hughes
  • Maurice Barbanell
  • Harry Edwards.

Each class examines the life story of each medium, looks at what we can learn from their story and their work, and answers questions about them.

In addition, you will receive a 6th bonus class entitled “What Can We Learn from the Great Mediums” which examines their qualities and how we can develop and apply them in our own work.

Note: These classes have already taken place and these are video recordings of the original live classes.   They are available to purchase from the following link:


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