New Online Course: Getting Better Evidence

My latest course on mediumship is titled Getting Better Evidence. This course comprises 4 classes and the cost is a very reasonable £65.

The Getting Better Evidence CourseGetting Better Evidence course is a deep dive into evidence and I explore it in more detail than any of my previous classes. The course teaches:

  • Why evidence is the fundamental key to mediumship
  • What constitutes evidence and what is not evidence
  • The different categories of evidence and specific techniques to get them
  • How to get better, more specific evidence
  • How to dig deeper into the evidence you do receive
  • How to tell the story that spirit wish to present
  • How to bring spirit to life so their presence is felt
  • How to get more meaningful messages from spirit
  • How to unfold the message within the evidence
  • Practical tools and techniques for getting better evidence and deepening your evidence

The course is suitable for all levels. Each class run for about 2.5 hours and comprises a presentation followed by questions and answers.

Purchasers are sent links to watch and download the classes.

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Getting Better Evidence Course

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