Video Shorts

Here are a number of short videos about different topics relating to mediumship and development.  They offer free teaching and food for thought.   The videos are also available from my You Tube Channel.  You can subscribe to my You Tube channel or mailing list to be notified when new videos are posted.

Videos Added

Lost Souls and Earthbound Spirits  NEW
Children in Spirit 3: Complex Questions  NEW
Children in Spirit 2: Are They Close?  NEW
Children in Spirit 1: Life in Spirit  NEW
5 More Reasons Sitting in the Power is Not Working  NEW
5 Reasons Sitting in the Power is Not Working  NEW
How to Sit in the Power  NEW
Why You Should Sit in the Power  NEW
Can a Medium Contact Their Own?
Why is Your Mediumship Getting Worse?
Talk on Mediumship – Past, Present & Future
Is it Psychic or From Spirit?
Demonstration of Mediumship (Sample)
The Importance of Evidence
Timing of Private Sittings
How Long Should a Spirit Contact Be?
Rituals in Mediumship
The Importance of Grounding
Do Mediums Need to Close Down?
Do Mediums Need Protection?
Does Mediumship Hold Spirit Back?
Animals in Spirit
What Can We Learn From the Great Mediums?
Can a Medium Tell My Future?
What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?
Can a Medium Link With the Living?
Why Has My Loved One Not Come Through?
How Soon Can Spirit Come Through?
How Do Spirit See Us?
Interview on Good and Bad Practices in Mediumship
Interview on Ethics and Responsibilities of Mediumship
Mediumship is Demonstrating Survival