Study Programme Feedback

The following is a selection of feedback about the Course in Mediumship Study Programme received from purchasers:

I’ve spent well over a decade scouring the internet and have done many courses. I have got to say your mediumship program is by far the best available. There is nothing that comes even close. You cover everything from spiritual to psychic development, building power, connecting with spirit, mechanics of mediumship (my favourite), structure of a contact, evidence, mediumship and the mind, finding your recipient, to finding your contact and many many more topics. With over 90 hours of instruction including bonus follow-up tutorials for each class, I’ve learned more from this program than any other program I’ve done or book I’ve read. I am such a better medium now and I have stronger and longer links. I highly recommend it! Kevin, Newfoundland, Canada

This course really helped me to further develop my understanding and personal growth in mediumship. The online format was very beneficial and allowed me to work through the material at my own pace and schedule. I very much appreciated Martin’s “down to earth” style of lecturing without giving the subject an esoteric flavour. The content of the course was very well structured and presented in a logical sequence. Each topic was thoroughly researched, clearly explained and based on a wealth of personal experience. Therefore this course provides you with a solid and unique foundation in mediumship, that I haven’t seen in any other comparable way before. I can whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone as an ideal complement to development circles, workshops and seminars. Silvia, Zurich, Switzerland

The Course in Mediumship study programme is truly one of my favourite courses to date.Valuable for all those at different stages of development, as the quality of the theoretical details on mediumship one will be exposed to is invaluable and goes way beyond anything I have ever come across. I highly recommend all videos and the actual programme itself if you are looking for honest, good quality teaching by an approved tutor without the barriers of location or travel expenditure. I am grateful for all of the supporting tutorials and clinics which are included in this programme as they are well designed to pool together all questions raised by the students and are an invaluable resource as well. I can honestly say that to better develop as a medium, the theoretical aspect of mediumship comes highly recommended and the videos are designed to teach that theory. Francesca, Quebec, Canada

After wasting time and money on yet another useless class, a friend recommended Martin’s Course in Mediumship program. I was hesitant to sign up but was pleasantly surprised. Martin is a skilled instructor providing the fundamentals of mediumship in an organized, comprehensive manner for students in all stages of development. The format allows me the flexibility to study at my leisure, which is great with my busy full time job and family demands. Michele, California, USA

I would like to thank you for creating such an interesting and comprehensive course for left-brained people such as myself. I say that because my degree is in engineering and I teach mathematics. Quality material on mediumship is difficult to come by and I really do appreciate the amount of work you put into creating this course. Laureen, Arizona, USA

I am truly enjoying the Special Module on Trance Mediumship, Healing, Spirit Guides & Helpers, etc. It is full of information which is concise, explained clearly and completely, and the follow-up tutorials could not be more informative and thorough. You are a wonderful, gifted teacher and I am delighted to be part of your course. Thank you for making it available in this format so that it can be shared with so many of us that do not have easy access to your live courses. Maria, Florida, USA

I am enjoying your course so far. It is extremely good and comprehensive, and is by far the best mediumship course that I have come across so far. It gives a very thorough understanding of what mediumship is and the different mechanics etc. So thank you for a great course. Jan, Troms, Norway

I have done the course, and yes it is the best mediumship program available.  Every one should take this course even if they think they know it all.  I am very analytical and Martin explains it all so clearly. Irene, British Columbia, Canada

I highly recommend Martin’s Course. I’m slowly working my way through it and it is the best. I too need to know how things work and the mechanics of everything, so it has helped me immensely. Chloe, Alaska, USA

I’m from a small town in Canada where mediumship isn’t well accepted and I had no one to talk to about it. Your course was truly life changing. I have learnt so much and really having a hard time putting into words how you and this course have changed my life in all aspects of my life. I have pushed myself way outside my comfort zone and have self-confidence that I have never had before and for this I thank you and will forever be grateful to you. Shelley, Ontario, Canada

I totally enjoyed the depth of the study programme and I use the information almost every day. I love your straightforward manner as well. No fluff. Cheers. Denise, Sydney, Australia

I’ve done this course and I highly recommend it.   Martin is a fantastic teacher!  Wendy, Glasgow, UK

The Course in Mediumship program is comprehensive and suitable for all levels of mediumship from beginner to advanced. Josie, British Columbia, Canada

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