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Courses Overview

I offer a series of 8 pre-recorded courses which explore many aspects of mediumship and development in depth.  Together they build into a comprehensive overview on the theory of mediumship. The courses drill deeper into many aspects of mediumship than my videos and study programme (except for the Fundamentals of Mediumship which has similar content).   The courses are therefore the best starting point for those new to my teachings.

The courses cost £65 each and they are provided as both mp4 video downloads and streaming links to watch the videos without having to download them.  This makes them most suitable for those who have limited storage space or don’t wish to download large files to their devices.

The courses generally comprise 4 classes (except Great Mediums of the Past course which comprises 6 classes).   Each class runs for over 2 hours and follows the format of a presentation followed by student questions.   The classes from the Meditation and Sitting for Spirit course each include a meditation and these are also provided as additional audio mp3 files 

Purchasers will be able to instantly download the video (and audio) files from each course at the time of purchase.  Links to watch the classes via streaming will be emailed typically within 24 hours of purchase. 

Please note that these are recordings of online classes which have already taken place.  I only run the courses once then make the recordings  available for sale.

The list of available courses are shown below.  Click on the course names for more information and to purchase:

Meditation and Sitting for Spirit – 4 Classes plus 4 Meditations
The Fundamentals of Mediumship – 4 Classes
Getting Better Evidence – 4 Classes
Better Private Readings – 4 Classes
Better Platform Mediumship – 4 Classes
The Confident Medium – 4 Classes
Spiritual Self Development – 4 Classes
Great Mediums of the Past – 6 Classes

Content of Courses

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The practice of meditation is a key part of developing mediumship, as well as all work with spirit.  It is often neglected, but is essential if we are to unfold our full potential as mediums.

This course looks at how different meditative practices benefit our mediumship and spirit work. In particular, it provides a deep dive into the classic meditation practice known as Sitting for Spirit (also called Sitting in the Power), which I believe to be the most beneficial for mediumship.    It also looks at the importance of meditation as a tool for spiritual development.  Practical guidance is also offered to make meditation a regular practice, and to enhance and deepen your practice.

This course is suitable for all levels from beginners to the more advanced.  The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Introduction to Meditation
Class 2 – Sitting in the Power Deep Dive
Class 3 – Sitting for Spirit
Class 4 – Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

Are you interested in developing quality mediumship?  Do you want to understand how mediumship works? Do you want to learn the foundations of mediumship in a structured logical way?  If so, then this is the course for you.  Together, the classes look at:

  • What mediumship is and how to develop it
  • The preparation needed to develop as a medium
  • How best to develop mediumship
  • The mechanics of mediumship
  • How to connect and sustain a link with spirit
  • The components of a spirit contact
  • How to deliver good evidence and messages

The course is suitable for all levels, though beginners and intermediates will gain most from it.  

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Understanding Mediumship
Class 2 – Power and Connecting to Spirit
Class 3 – The Mechanics of Mediumship
Class 4 – The Elements of a Contact

This course is a a deep dive into evidence and I explore it in more detail than any of my previous classes.  It is suitable for all levels and teaches:

  • Why evidence is the fundamental key to mediumship
  • What constitutes evidence and what is not evidence
  • The different categories of evidence and specific techniques to get them
  • How to get better, more specific evidence
  • How to dig deeper into the evidence you do receive
  • How to tell the story that spirit wish to present
  • How to bring spirit to life so their presence is felt
  • How to get more meaningful messages from spirit
  • How to unfold the message within the evidence
  • Practical tools and techniques for getting better evidence and deepening your evidence

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Mediumship and Evidence
Class 2 – A Deep Dive into Evidence
Class 3 – Approaches to Getting Evidence
Class 4 – Techniques for Getting Better Evidence

Would you like to be able to do better private readings? Whether you are in development doing practice readings, or whether you are a working medium, this course is designed to help you do better readings.

This course is a deep dive into private readings and explores all aspects of readings in detail across a series of 4 classes. It drills deeper into readings than any of my previous teachings. The course covers:

  • The different types of private reading
  • The dynamics of private readings
  • Online vs in-person readings
  • How to do private readings
  • How to do spiritual assessments
  • How to do practice readings and exchange readings
  • The practicalities of private readings
  • Best practices for private readings
  • Managing the process from enquiry to testimonial
  • Coping with challenges
  • Managing difficult sitters
  • When to start charging for readings
  • Marketing and advertising your readings
  • The ethics of private readings
  • Protecting yourself when doing readings

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Introduction to Sittings
Class 2 – How to do Sittings
Class 3 – Challenges During Sittings
Class 4 – Doing Sittings Professionally

Would you like to be able to do better platform mediumship? Whether you are in development, or whether you are a working medium, this course is designed to help you do better platform mediumship.

The course is a deep dive into the subject of platform mediumship and explores all aspects of platform work in detail across a series of 4 classes. It drills deeper into platform mediumship than any of my previous teachings. It is suitable for all those with an interest in platform mediumship.

The course covers:

  • The purpose of platform mediumship
  • The dynamics of platform mediumship
  • The practicalities of platform mediumship
  • How platform mediumship can improve your mediumship
  • Attributes of good platform mediums
  • How to do platform mediumship
  • Different styles of working
  • Methods of finding your recipient
  • The pros and cons of each method
  • How to develop direction
  • Platform presentation skills
  • The public presentation of mediumship
  • Presentation styles for different venues
  • Improving your public speaking and presentation
  • The factors affecting platform mediumship, and how to manage them
  • Commonly encountered problems and challenges
  • Managing problems within platform work
  • The responsibilities of platform mediumship
  • Best practices for platform work
  • Poor practices and how to avoid them
  • How to become a platform medium
  • How to get work as a platform medium

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Introduction to Platform Mediumship
Class 2 – Finding Your Recipient
Class 3 – Presentation of Mediumship
Class 4 – Managing Challenges With Platform

Many students of mediumship say that they want more trust and confidence.  Using my knowledge as a trained hypnotherapist, this course is designed to aid you in building and strengthening your confidence with your mediumship.

The course looks at what confidence is, how we can develop it, and how to harness the power of our minds to support us.  It also looks at facing our fears and coping with setbacks as well as exploring common issues in mediumship that affect our confidence.

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Understanding Confidence
Class 2 – Making Your Mind Work For You
Class 3 – Facing Your Fears and Overcoming Challenges
Class 4 – Confidence in Mediumship

Exercises are provided to work with the material from each class.  A bonus meditation is also provided as an mp3 audio download.  This uses the tools taught within the course to help you with confidence for mediumship.

The course looks at the importance and benefits of developing ourselves spiritually and how this will help with all aspects of spirit work. It examines how it can help us to understand our true spiritual nature and deepen our connection with our soul, spirit and God. The course looks at spiritual practice tools to connect with, and become aware of, our soul and spirit, and allow them to become a greater part of our lives.

The 4 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Introduction to Spiritual Development
Class 2 – Understanding the Soul
Class 3 – Spiritual Practices and Tools
Class 4 – Living Spiritually

Exercises are provided as PDF documents to work with the material from each class.

This course looks at 5 of the finest mediums of the past.  The mediums discussed are Gordon Higginson, Estelle Roberts, Helen Hughes, Maurice Barbanell and Harry Edwards.  Each class examines the life story of each medium, looks at what we can learn from their story and their work, and answers questions about them.

In addition, you will receive a 6th bonus class which examines what we can learn from them.  It examines the qualities they possessed and how we can develop and apply them in our own work.

The 6 classes comprise:

Class 1 – Gordon Higginson
Class 2 – Estelle Hughes
Class 3 – Helen Hughes
Class 4 – Maurice Barbanell
Class 5 – Harry Edwards
Class 6 – What Can We Learn From the Great Mediums

FAQs on Courses

I have listed below some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the courses.  Click on the + buttons to see the answers.

How Do I Know That The Courses Offer Quality Content?

I only seek to offer high quality teachings and feedback to date has been very positive.  See my customer feedback to read what other purchasers have said about the courses.

Are the Course Classes Available as Instant Downloads?

Yes.  The classes that make up each course are available to download at the time of purchase.  You will also be e-mailed a link to download them later at your convenience.  Bear in mind that there are 4 to 6 video classes per module and each video is 500MB to 1GB in size so it may take some time to download them all.

Do Your Courses Offer Mediumship Practice?

No sorry.  The various mediumship courses are designed to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship for purchasers to incorporate into their own practice, but they do not include any practice sessions.  I recommend that all purchasers seek out their own practice opportunities to put the teachings into practice.

Will Doing Your Courses Make Me a Medium?

No sorry.  No single course can make anyone a medium as mediumship takes many years to develop.  The courses combined will give you the theoretical foundations of mediumship which should help improve your mediumship when put into practice.

Are There Limits to How Many Times I Can Download the Course Videos?

None at all.  Once downloaded, you can watch the course videos as often as you like and they are yours to keep forever.   Alternatively you can stream the course videos as often as you like.  Many purchasers comment that they get even more from them by watching them again as what you will take from them will change as you develop.

Can I Stream the Videos

Yes, the classes from each course can be viewed by streaming without having to download them.  This makes them most suitable for those who have limited storage space or don’t wish to download large files to their devices.  All purchasers receive the links to both download and stream them so you always have both options.

What Do I Need to Download the Courses  

You will need a PC, Mac, tablet or phone that allows downloads.  You will need sufficient storage space on your device and a good internet connection as file sizes are large (500 to 1000MB per class).  Alternatively, you can download the files to a cloud storage account such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Cloud etc.  With some Apple devices (such as iPads and iPhones) running older operating systems, the video classes cannot be downloaded.  To  watch the videos on such Apple devices, you will need to first download them to a PC or Mac and transfer them via iTunes.  

Is it Safe to Buy From This Website?

Absolutely.  The website is HTTPS secured using SSL encryption.   This means that all personal data entered is fully encrypted via 256-bit SSL encryption.  You should see https:// at the start of the website address and a small padlock to confirm it is safe and encrypted.

How Can I Find Out About New Products or Classes?

You can sign up to my mailing list to receive updates about my products, classes and offers.  There is a mailing list sign up form at the bottom of the website.

Will I Always Have Access to the Classes?

Absolutely.  You will be given a download link to download the classes to your computer.  Once downloaded, they are yours to keep forever.  Should you ever have a problem such as a hard drive failure, you will always be able to download them again from the links.  Should the link no longer work, then contact me and I will re-send you functioning links.

Feedback on Courses

Better Platform Mediumship

Your courses are brilliant and great value, with super effort put into each and every one. Thanks so much. Shani, Queensland, Australia

Great course, informative and easy to follow. Lynne, Worcestershire, UK

Better Private Readings

I’ve really enjoyed the course material and appreciate the wealth of information and your generosity of Spirit. Thank you for all that you do. Anna, California, USA

Your classes are informative and thorough. Thank you for your honesty and diligence in covering even the smallest detail to help us be successful. I will be sure to watch the videos again and again. Leigh, Virginia, USA

Great course and you shared so much helpful information! Thank you, again. Marci, Washington, USA

Thank you for all the hard work you put into your classes. Love how very thorough they are!  Eva, Illinois, USA

Thanks again for a wonderful course.  Erik, British Columbia, Canada

Getting Better Evidence

This course was extremely informative and exceedingly well presented.  I learned so much from each class and know that I will be using this in my own practice.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge so ably and generously. I look forward to more classes with you in future. Julia, British Colombia, Canada

Thank you this very informative course and for sharing your knowledge with us. I have found this course very beneficial for my mediumship and it’s helped me a great deal. Look forward to more teachings from you. Jan, Kent, UK

It’s been an absolutely fabulous course!  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.  It’s been one of the most informative courses I’ve ever attended and really look forward to the next one. Gina, Manchester, UK

I’ve enjoyed this course and the other courses I’ve taken from you. I’m glad you present the information with diagrams, since they give me a better perspective and understanding of mediumship and what is involved in the process. Thanks again Alexandra, Virginia, USA

I learned more from you in two hours than I have learned from other teachers in two days. You are tremendous. Carol, Pennsylvania, USA

It was a wonderful final class and an excellent course. Thank you very much for your generosity and your teaching. Cindy, New Jersey, USA

Thank you so much Martin! Again, the course was so rich with information. Thank you for your time and commitment to serving students and Spirit.  Anna, California USA

Thank you for the course.  I really enjoyed it and you explain things so well.  Patricia, Northampton, UK

Thank you for the course, I have learned so much. Penny, Essex, UK

Thank you for a great course. Julie, Guernsey

Fundamentals of Mediumship

I’ve really enjoyed the 4 classes from this course.  As an engineer, I appreciate your approach to presenting the information – very thorough with minimal fluff!  I look forward to the next one. Thank you. Kristyn, Washington, USA

I am really enjoying the classes and I am so glad I purchased this course!  It is fabulous and I am grateful for it!  Lorraine, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for such an informative course. I learnt heaps and it was worth the 3am starts!  I look forward to your next one. Aileen, Western Australia

I enjoyed and learned a lot from all 4 classes of the course. Your irreverent humor makes it a lot of fun, too! Thanks Martin. Marci, Washington, USA

Really enjoyed the course, answered all my left brain questions. Thank you Martin. Corina, Murcia, Spain

Meditation and Sitting for Spirit

I so enjoyed these classes and think you are absolutely a premier teacher of mediumship practice and theory – absolutely outstanding! Your dedication and love for your work is evident in the great quality of your classes and videos, and I so enjoy everything you do. Thank you. Maria, Florida, USA

Great course and your mediations are the best. Thank you for sharing your meditations as individual mp3s, I’m so so grateful! Elizabeth, Massachusetts, USA

Thank you so much for this course. I love how you’re making the classes this way. I loved the meditations, and the one where you blend with your soul, spirit then God is my favorite. Carmen, Texas, USA

Spiritual Self Development

Thank you so much for the course. These classes were excellent. Mary, Guthrie, New Zealand

Love, love this course! Thank you Martin for all that you do! Teri California, USA

Thank you so much Martin, it was a wonderful course. Elisabeth, Vest-Agder, Norway

I thoroughly enjoyed this course as always. Thank you. Jayne, Wrexham, UK

The Confident Medium

Thank you so much for this course which has helped me with my confidence. It wasn’t until class 3 of the course that it all came together for me and I felt confident enough to practice mediumship. After working through the exercises in the course, something changed for me for the positive. In a nutshell, the Confident Medium Course has been essential to my development and without it, I may never have taken mediumship a step further. Viola, Western Australia

Thanks for this course.  I’ve really enjoyed it.  Certain things you said leapt out and have really helped me move forward.  Thanks again. Carol, Carmarthenshire, Wales

I have gotten so much out of this course and it has been enormously helpful.  I truly appreciate everything you are doing and I am looking forward to your future courses.  Thank you so much. Cindy, New Jersey, USA.

I really enjoyed this course. I’ve taken so much from it and look forward to future courses. Thank you.  Jayne, Wrexham, UK

This course has helped me so much. Thank you Martin. Lois, Florida, USA

It has been a really enjoyable course. Thank you. Jenny, East Sussex, UK

Just wanted to thank you for such a comprehensive course.  I will definitely look our for your other courses.  Sue, Hampshire, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to the next. Thanks. Sherry, Newfoundland, Canada

Great Mediums of the Past

There are so many wonderful, deeply moving, and applicable things I heard in “What Can We Learn From the Great Mediums?”, the last class in Martin Twycross’ brilliant Great Mediums of the Past course. I enjoyed every single class in this course, but the last class is definitely one I’ll watch over and over again. It would behove all of us as mediums to rigorously endeavor to attain the qualities all of these great mediums of the past shared. Martin summed it up so eloquently and beautifully. I would hope that all of today’s mediums would avail themselves of this course. It will have a lasting impact on me and I will be forever grateful. I can’t say enough good things about Martin and his teachings. Hazel, Tennessee, USA

Thank you Martin for this whole course. I have enjoyed learning about the great mediums of the past and your style and presentation has been really enjoyable. Kate, West Yorkshire, UK

I am enjoying the course very much.  Wonderful quality lectures and a wealth of information. Eva, Illinois, USA

I wanted to thank you for the Great Mediums series.  I met Gordon Higginson on several occasions and he was everything you say he was.  He was certainly one of the greats and I can’t thank you enough for bringing those days back.  Rosalind, Dorset, UK

Thanks for this course. I have enjoyed all of the classes. Ellyn, Connecticut, US

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