Can a Medium Tell My Future?

Here is my latest video short titled ‘Can a Medium Tell My Future?’ In it, I talk about the difference between predictions on the psychic versus predictions from spirit. I talk about future potentials and how those in spirit world can see more than we can within this world. I also discuss that our future is not set in stone but that we have free will and choice to control our own destiny.

I believe this is another valuable teaching video for all those interested in mediumship. A transcript of it is provided below and I do hope you enjoy it. Click here to view on YouTube and do subscribe to my YouTube channel to ensure you never miss a video.


Hi there, everybody, it’s Martin Twycross again. Today’s topic is ‘Can a medium tell my future?’ Can a medium tell me what my future is? And I guess my follow on question to that is, ‘Is your future set in stone?’ Is my future set in stone?

So, to begin with, we’re looking at the future. We’ve got to start talking about the psychic, working with the psychic level. Because within our energy field, when we’re working as a psychic… We tap into people’s [energy]. We can see their past, we can see what’s going on the present, and we can see what I call future potentials.

When we look at somebody, they have skills, they have abilities. They have been doing certain things. If those things progress, if their potentials are reached, if their potentials are fulfilled, then we can see how a future would look. It’s what I call future potentials.

So when someone comes in front of me, and they’re thinking of changing jobs, they’re not happy in their job. The current part is “I’m not happy my job”. The current part is “I’m restless. I don’t feel I’m being recognised. I’ve got skills that go above and beyond my current role. I would like something more”. So that’s within their energy field in the present, is that yearning for a bit more.

We can pick up the potential that they have the skills and potentials to do a lot more. And some people will feed it back to the person that: “Well I see a new job for you. I see, you’re going to move either within the same company or you’re going to move to a different company. You’re going to get different job.” And really, that isn’t the future at all. You’re just working with the current. You’re working with what’s present in the person’s energy at this moment in time, and you may be touching a little bit of the future potential.

But if you said to somebody, “You’re really good with this skill, you have that ability you have that. They’re not being used. I see you in a role where it’s all pulled together, and you are able to work with it and that will be much more fulfilling to you as a person, for you as a soul. That is where we are working a lot more with what I would call with future potentials. We’re showing them the potentials that exist within them that either may be dormant or unrecognised, or unfulfilled. And we’re helping them to understand it to move forward.

But none of that is mediumship. None of that is from spirit. That is all psychic work.

Now, personally, I should add as well that I’ve had many psychic readings in my life. I’ve had many, many predictions given to me from psychics, and a huge number of them did not come true. And I must confess as well that I’m one of those people as well, if someone makes a prediction, I will write it down. Even if it’s not about me, I still like to write it down and see if it comes true.

Because I believe that working psychically, we cannot categorically predict the future. I don’t believe we can do it. I’m open to other people having different opinions but that is my personal opinion. That’s what I believe.

And the other thing I think we need to understand as well as is: is our future set in stone? Is our future pre-determined, or do we have freewill. Freewill versus a fixed destiny? And for me, we have freewill. For me, I don’t believe anybody’s future is set in stone. I don’t believe we can say to anybody, “you’re going to do that” categorically. I don’t believe it.

So I believe that we all have freewill. We all have potentials. We come to this world with potentials of the soul, if you will. You know, somebody may have an ability at this, or a gift at that, or a high potential to do that. We all come with different potentials.

So we all have those potentials. But whether those potentials become fulfilled, is down to us, I believe. It’s down to us, opening to their presence and determining, choosing to work with them. If we choose not to work with them, then it becomes much, much harder you see. So we all have those potentials within us. It’s whether they can be fully expressed.

And can all potentials that exist within us be fully expressed? Probably not. Because as a soul, we contain a multitude of potentials, we contain a great number of potentials of varying different types. And in this one earthly lifetime, I think the it would be hard to express all of them and bring all of them to fruition. So we don’t necessarily fulfil all of the potentials we have, but we can fulfil quite a lot of them.

So when we working with spirit, spirit know the potentials we come with. Spirit know that if we align with our own soul, we can fulfil so much more of our potential. So spirit know that, if we do what we’re meant to do, this is possible. So spirit can give us our future provided, we put in the effort, the time and align with that aspect of us that is spiritual to bring it into fruition.

So spirit can see more. And it said as well that time in the spirit world is not linear, that they can see if you like a little bit around the corner. They can see a little bit more of the future that is kind of yet to happen. If things are in motion, they can see that little bit more than we can. So spirit can to some degree, predict our future, but it is based upon the present. And it’s based upon what is happening in the present.

For example, [if we] go back that work example earlier on that I was talking about. The person is unfulfilled in their job. Now their boss may be worried that that person is going to leave and their boss may value them very highly. They may be having chats with people about them: “Are they happy?” “Do you know how they feel about the job?” And as soon as they get wind of them not being happy, they may be thinking of ways to keep them. Now the spirit world will be aware of this. So the spirit world may bring forward that “I feel, I see you staying within the same company, but there being a much better job opportunity for you.”

And again, technically, it’s not the future as such, it’s the current potentials moving forward and coming to fruition. So that is one aspect. Spirit can bring forward some predictions.

Now as teachers, we generally tell mediums not to predict the future, for many reasons, really. A great number of predictions can be damaging, if not delivered, with a great deal of tact and care. And no negative predictions ever, ever. And then great care with predictions. Because I believe a lot of predictions we get we receive them psychically, and they’re not as we believe them to be.

So whenever I get a prediction, I always write it down. And I check it out and I see if I’m accurate. And it’s taught me over the years, there’s not really much point in me doing a great deal of predictions because most of mine are not accurate. Therefore, it’s not even psychic. A lot of the time it can be our own consciousness, our own mind, throwing them in.

And I think as mediums, we have to have that responsibility to assess ourselves, to test ourselves, to make sure that we are doing what we’re saying we’re doing. If I’m saying I’m predicting the future, I need to check it for myself that actually what I’m giving is becoming true. Otherwise, who am I fooling? I’m fooling myself and other people, which is not good.

So, as psychics we can work with future potentials and all mediums are psychic. Understand that all of us as mediums: we work with our psychic abilities, our psychic awareness, our psychic intuition, our psychic senses. So we are all psychic, so we’re all capable of working with those future potentials.

But when we receive the message from spirit about the future, remember they can see around the corner. They can see that little bit more than we can. But they can see the inherent soul potentials: the potentials we brought with us to fulfil within this world, provided we choose to do so.

And we have that free will. Our future is not determined. We could go through this lifetime and never fulfil those potentials. It’s our choice.

But sometimes we have that gnawing inner feeling of we need to do something. Or there’s a flash of intuition and inspiration that we feel we should be doing something. That’s the soul talking to you, telling you the potentials you have.

So do bring your potentials to fruition. But understand that it’s hard to predict the future. Understand that genuine future predictions from the spirit world are pretty rare. Because again, they don’t want to take away that free will from us. But they may want to just give us that glimpse of the potentials we contain. And it’s up to us to listen.

So spirit will not tell you that your future is set in stone. They don’t do that. They will tell you that a brighter future is there for you, if you allow the potentials to become fulfilled.

So I hope that that has helped you understand a little bit more about can we tell the future. And I hope it helped you a little bit more understand about predictions in general. So I understand that not everyone will agree with me and that’s great as well. If what I say resonates with you, go with it. If it doesn’t, feel free to leave it and go with something else.

But that’s my view upon predictions. That’s my view upon mediums telling the future. I hope it helps people and I hope you benefited from it. Thank you.


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