About Me

I am a Spiritualist Medium and Teacher based in the UK.  I have a passion for teaching mediumship and spreading my knowledge.   I commenced my own development in 2001, began working as a platform medium in 2003 and have been teaching mediumship since 2006.   I hold CSNU awards in both demonstrating mediumship and public speaking issued by the Spiritualists National Union (SNU)

I undertook the majority of my own training over a 10-year period at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK.   During this period, I attended over 30 courses with many of the UK’s finest teaching mediums, as well as attending numerous workshops and courses at other venues.  I successfully completed the 4-year AFC tutor training scheme in 2013 and I was appointed as an Approved Tutor of the Arthur Findlay College. 

I tutored online since 2010 including on on the SNUi website.  In 2013,  I was awarded the SNU Vi Kipling Award for Online Teaching after being voted the most inspiring tutor working on SNUi.

It is my desire that high quality affordable teachings should be available to everyone, no matter where you are in the world.    With this in mind, I offer a variety of products and courses under my Course in Mediumship brand.  

I have developed a series of 9 pre-recorded courses, a comprehensive home study programme, and a series of 24 teaching videos to teach the theoretical foundations of mediumship and assist people in the unfoldment of their spiritual gifts.   In addition, I also offer several meditations.  All of my products  are available from my store and feedback on them has been very positive.

It is an important part of my work to make some of my teachings freely available to help all those developing mediumship.  To this end, I offer numerous free teaching videos on my YouTube channel and several articles here.  I also offer regular Live Question and Answer Classes on YouTube.  The available videos and articles can be viewed here.

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