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I am an experienced medium from the UK and an Approved Tutor of the prestigious Arthur Findlay College, where I did much of my development.  I am passionate about mediumship, which I have been teaching since 2006. In addition, I hold CSNU awards in demonstrating and speaking issued by the Spiritualists National Union.

Course in Mediumship Products

It is my desire that high quality affordable teachings should be available to everyone, no matter where you are in the world you are .  With this aim in mind, I have developed a variety of products and courses under my Course in Mediumship brand, all of which are detailed on this website.

I have developed a series of 24 teaching videos and a comprehensive home study programme to teach the theory of mediumship. I also offer meditations and online classes to support these products.  All of my products are available from my store and feedback on them to date has been very positive.

It is an important part of my work to make high quality teachings freely available to all those developing mediumship.  To this end, I offer free teaching videos and articles to assist everyone with an interest.

What I Offer

In this video, I run through what I offer to help those interested in developing and unfolding their mediumship. I talk about the products, study programme and courses that I offer under my Course in Mediumship Brand. I also discuss the free teachings I make available plus the work I do to share the late-medium Gordon Higginson’s teachings.

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